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Scrapkit Images: Gems
; Carrie Stephens
Brushes : Celestial-Star
Codes ref : Cynna
Scripts : Dynamic Drive
Sketchwork : Ryukku-K

SweetS.Sourire © Ryukku-K
Kip-ping Time !
signed on Friday, October 18, 2013 ;
The kips I’d ordered finally arrived! Good timing just when I’ve changed ‘Latuni’s’ face-up :3 

As mentioned in one of my previous post (post on arrival of MDD Latuni), MDD standing ability is terrible (can barely stand without a doll stand or support against a wall) =_= . I’ve only learned about this after researching upon receiving my first MDD (I wasn’t aware of this when I bought MDD Latuni; I even thought that the doll was initially damaged when I bought her lol). The knee and ankle joints are very weak, so they just bend easily and cannot support the weight of the body. Volks should be shameful about this. From what I heard, the new MDD bodies do not have these problems. 

After surfing on the net for a few seconds/minutes, I stumbled across Chibichibiusa’s post about using kips to strengthen MDD joints. I have always known kips are used commonly in BJDs but I have never use even one on either Eri or Orika lol. No wonder I’ve never made them do crazy poses :p 

  Putting on kips is fairly easy, all you need is both kips and screwdriver! 

Kip-ping Time Kip-ping Time

That said… the process for the ankle joints is much more troublesome… coz removing the soft vinyl part of the feet is huge pain! Definitely need hair dryer/heater to soften the vinyl…but still painful process, coz the feet vinyl is wrapped completely around the feet frame. 

Kip-ping Time 
But now I know how it looks like inside the feet! 
I’ve read from doll forum that the screws used by Volks in those ankle joints are too short – which is why the joints are so loose and weak. I wanted to try if kips would fix this. Surprisingly, fitting kips into the ankle joints did some pretty good work! However, after sometime, the ankle joints start becoming looser but still not as bad as when nothing was done about it. Kips could only do temporary fix on the ankle joints for now… Might need to find and change to longer screws.

 Now she’s able to stand without additional support! 

Kip-ping Time might be able to notice the staining around her hips... This is actually much better from when she first arrived. I have done some stain treatment which fairly reduced the stain already, but I guess I didn't have all the patience for a complete removal lol (at least for the meantime). Now, can you tell how bad the staining on her was from her previous owner? I may need to blog about the severely stained body for my own record since I didn't write about it in the arrival post.


I can even pose her like this now! :’D 

Kip-ping Time

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'Birth' of a new 'Homunculus'
signed on Thursday, October 17, 2013 ;
I have so many backlog stuffs to post about! (though most of them are about my dolls, they are the worthy things to blog about :p ... ever since I MIA from cosplaying lol) 

I have had MDD Latuni/Latouni/Latune (there is no fixed romanization of her name...) since months ago. I knew it will take awhile to fully personalize her, in terms of her face-up, joints repair and customizations, body stain removal (she has a severely stained body from previous owner...), clothings and wigs, mainly coz of funds problem for all of these. MDD/MSD requires me to build entire new doll wardrobe lol... Good that her default set consist of so many pieces which I can mix and match a variety of combinations! :D 

I have had in mind to shell one of my favourite OCs, Syris, into Latuni's, but still in a dilemma whether she is the right sculpt. 

I was having a hard time bonding with MDD Latuni and was thinking if it was actually a good decision to have brought her home :( 

So I figure I just had to remove the face-up and redo a custom one for her. I have been afraid to remove her default; the guilt of removing a one-off default face-up and lack of confidence in my face-up skills and techniques. But I know that the default face-up was the let down of this MDD and even if I have had it on or not, it wouldn't affect her selling point. My observation on the marketplace tells me that she is not a sought-after sculpt (AT ALL), even her beautiful outfit set doesn't sells well! D: It's just so saddening to learn this..... coz she has a beautiful face sculpt and beautiful outfit! 

Moving on, so I FINALLY had the courage to remove the face-up. I did it together with Eri's face-up~ Spring Cleaning~! I had some of practice on my face-up techniques on Eri's face and some other free commission BJD face-ups, before having the small increased confidence to do an 'anime' face-up. I have had only done natural face-ups for BJDs but not 'anime' face-ups on DDs. This will be challenging I know. 

Cleaning and removing DD's face-up is a real pain and long waiting time... coz you have to give the previous face-up stains the vinyl and have to be taken off with stain treatment process (which will take days). I use OXY10 for DD stain treatments. For this face-up removal process, I repeated 48 hours treatment once, and one 24 hours treatment (total 3 treatments). 

I removed everything, only leaving the bits of acrylic at the inner eye part and eyelids, so that I don't have to use more time and resources on painting those parts. 

I trusted my experience with my years of drawing and my developed manga-art style to doing the face-up. Like mentioned earlier, I have done the face-up with reference to my OC Syris. 
One picture of in progress~~ 

Dum dum dum 'Latouni' face-up in progress !

Ta-da! My first attempt at 'anime' face-up on DD / MDD. Overall quite happy with it ;w; But the eyebrows are almost non existent orz .. 

When I had her wig styled and put onto her.... 
She looks just like a Homunculus to me!! ///// 

'Homunculus' 'Homunculus' 'Homunculus' 'Homunculus' 'Homunculus'

Now I am in a ultimate dilemma whether to make her as Syris! Or another Homunculus OC, Hormuzd !!! T____________T 

Perhaps I need to get a more perfect Syris wig to decide.....sob sob sobbbbb.....

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Saturday ☆ Latune Subbota ☆ ラトゥーニ・スゥボータ
signed on Saturday, August 03, 2013 ;
30th July 2013

Been awhile since I blogged! 

Also been awhile since I posted any doll box arrival and opening ceremony! 

This time is an unexpected arrival of a Child, whom has been in my wishlist for awhile now, although she's not  my top priority. I was saving up for another Child from my wishlist and currently on a layaway on another one, but this girl just decided to pop out on the market at this time! She is a really rare girl and was on a really good price, so it's too hard to pass on! ;_; 

She is ... 


Latune Subbota from Super Robot Wars Original Generation !! 


Also known as Latuni, Latooni. 

My first Mini Dollfie Dream. I need to take back my words - DDs are addictive! And MDDs are irresistable too! Looks like MDD Al Azif needs to wait... I am starting to feel that DDs and vinyl dolls are really for me... I need to bring home more BJDs now to 'rekindle' my passion for BJDs... 


This is my first time ordering from Mandarake, and I am very satisfied with their service; fast processing and shipping! I guess Nakano store is the more reliable one, since I've heard that some international customers had problems with some other stores. 


Cute pink box! 

300713_03 300713_04

First look on Latune 


She is so lovely! I have to admit that I am not huge fan of her face-up, but she truly looks much prettier in person than in photos! 


One of the best part of her is her full set outfit. The full set consists of 9-10 pieces! Superb quality and very detailed! I almost bought this set off YJA (for MDD Al Azif maybe?) but luckily I didn't. 

300713_07 300713_08

I personally think that Volks did not do a good job on her wig and also her face-up. The MDD looks quite different from her original design from the anime. 

Funniest thing is, I honestly did not know that MDDs have loose leg joints and they cannot stand without doll stands! I was horrified when I found out and thought that the store did not inform me about this as a defect. It was only later through the store's explanation and online sources, I know that the joints need customization. I believe that newer MDD bodies do not have these loose joints. 


Some photos with Latuni dressed up as Latuni~! 

Latune Latune

I did not put on everything - too many layers to put on! Lazy at the moment :p Will do so after I wash and colour-fast them. Black clothings are scary for dolls! 


I love Latuni, her character and personality - purple hair, loli, purple and pilot. I guess I am fond of her coz of the similarities to Al lol. Al is still my most favourite and on the top of my wishlist now. My next and only target should be only her. Hmm...Etheldreda works too actually...I am not really a fan of Etheldreda but I really love her MDD. 


Ahhh I am still deciding what name and/or which character should I give her! Shy-type or naughty-type hmmm? I did not expect her coming home so soon, so I did not plan anything for her ;_; I assume that I already have a naughty-type (future Al Azif), so I think I need more variety of personalities in my household. 

Another Child to celebrate birthday with in the future ♥ 

Till then~

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End of summer
signed on Thursday, February 21, 2013 ;
Rainy days . End of summer . Spinning head . 

My head has been spinning, floating, aching the whole day; interfering with my lab work :S Rarely experience such problem. I hope I feel alright tomorrow! 

Whee~ I've just received my mail order from Lush! I didn't really need to do mail order actually, since I can just pop up to their stores, but last weekend, Lush was having this offer: Free Goodie Bag with all online orders ! ♥ 
So, alright! Just ordered two items only lol for the free goodies :P I feel cheapskate, but I didnt really need anything at the moment. 

I chose American Cream, coz the small bottles are always sold out in their stores! Love American Cream ♥ Makes hair smells wonderful and moisturized too! And also Divine Whale Soap, coz it was a limited edition Retro Lush product! 

The size of the whale soap is smaller than what I've expected :O It smells so calm and cute! Like baby powder~ ♥

Look at the free goodies I have received with my order! 
Bestsellers of Skincares; Cleansers & moisturiserss :D

Angels on Bare Skin 
Ocean Salt Cleanser 
Dream Cream Body Lotion 
Herbalism Cleanser 

All smell great as usual~ ♥ They came in sample size as expected, but still a good deal for me! The sample sizes seem to contain quite alot! I have quite a few products to try now, hopefully these go well and happy with my skin~ 

Thank you, Lush! Can't wait to try them!




12:00 AM;

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Happy EVA-lentine's Day !
signed on Sunday, February 17, 2013 ;

Happy Valentine's! 
I made some little red velvet truffles and cupcakes ♥ 

And also some specially designed red velvet cakelets : Sachiel the third Angel (from Evangelion) ! 

I thought of making chocolate initially but was inspired by the idea of Angel's from a friend (follow her here: Chiaki's Blog). Since this is also an all-time favourite series since childhood of a friend, I've decided I could make some white cookies/cakelets in the shape of some Angels; and red velvet became my choice! Red velvet: the red inner flesh and blood of the Angel...oopss sounds more like Halloween? ;D 
Red velvet cake + truffle + white chocolate + Evangelion = appropriate, perfect for Valentine's! 

Lovely Orire (Pullip Ayanami Rei) modelled with these lovely cakelets! ♥ 

 . . . 

Just some basic red velvet cake ingredients to batter~ But I think I added a little too much cocoa powder? Coz the colour turned out to be darker lol

Make some cream cheese frosting while the cakes are having a sauna in the oven ~

One part for a whole cake, another saved for some cupcakes~ Cupcakes are done for now; but cakelets and truffles are not!

Crumble the whole cake~

Mix the crumbled cake with the prepared frosting~

Roll into tiny balls (for truffles), roll and shape into Sachiel shape (for the Sachiel cakelets)! Not very neat work :P And they look more like meatballs, no?

Place them into the fridge to harden about 2 hours~ 

Melt some white chocolate melts in double boiler. 
Cover the truffles and cakelets with the melted chocolate, and let them to set!

Before the chocolate sets, just add some decorations for some love! 
And ta-da~! 

Red Velvet Truffles ♥
and Cupcakes~
For someone special who loves Evangelion, and who brought me to like this epic series too; Sachiel the third Angel as red velvet cakelets ! ♥ 
Was supposed to use chocolate chips as the eyes, but I've forgot to buy them DX Heart-shapes work well anyway lol 
This is how it looks like inside! Gore-y, red and fleshy isn't it? ♥ 

My white chocolate coating doesn't look very nice but presentable, and most importantly tastes yummy and feel loved! :'D

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Be my Valentine
signed on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 ;
On the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year (which fell on a Sunday this year), I woke up really early as usual everyday. No one was up yet, and it was bright sunny day, so I decided to give Kafka a custom modification of her face-up. 

I have always wanted to mod her face-up but was a little afraid to do so; coz I am still not confident to do the eyeliner and eyebrows for Dollfie Dream D: But I got myself to do some slight modification also in the end. I can't bear to see Kafka look so plain and her looking like a basic DD Rise Kujikawa!

DDs are easier to get stained, that was my main worry. Thus I have had her head and body coated with more than 4 layers of MSC. 

Can you tell the difference between double lashes and single lash?

I have had single lash applied on Kafka when she came home to me; but it wasnt really noticeable D; Might be the type of lashes I am using as well. I am using some super fine brown eyelash specifically designed for dolls. I am planning to get some DollyWink's eyelashes for her next time :) 


No major modifications; but I see some obvious difference :'D Just added blushings on cheeks an eyes, added more colour to the lips, drawn a more noticeable eyelid.
Took this photo with my phone, so colours may not look so vibrant ;;
. . . 
Be my Valentine series 
To go with the occasion, I dressed Kafka up in some red, which is in line with both Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day :D 


Outfit of the Day shot~
Kafka: Happy Lunar New Year!

Be my Valentine?
All dressed up for the occasion * 
. . .

First day of Lunar New Year brunch! Steamed xiao long bao's (dumplings), pan fried crab & pork dumplings, dried shrimp & shallots dry noodles and fried rice (-∀・*) 

And dessert: we have baked pastry with red bean filling! 

And watched a really good movie: Django: Unchained!

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